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  • Free VIP Limo Ride
  • Fun & Memorable Pole Dancing Lessons!
  • Top Male Revue + Free Drinks

ALL-INCLUSIVE *4 Person Minimum*


Getting married! Congratulations! There are two reasons most women get married: one, they’ve found the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Two, how else are you going to have a Vegas bachelorette party? We here at Bottle Service Vegas (BSV)completely understand how important every detail is to you in planning a party as epic as this.  We know that your bachelorette party Las Vegas booking has to be at the hottest Vegas Nightclub, craziest day clubs and wildest pool parties in Las Vegas. We always like to daydream about the “perfect party,” but let’s be completely honest about how most parties turn out: guests getting stuck in traffic and showing up late, entertainment that seems to be having an off night (to put it nicely), and the sudden realization that you’re out of beer and everyone’s too tipsy to drive for more. With Vegas Bottle Service, all of that is taken care of. Food, entertainment, transportation, drinks, it’s all there just waiting for you so that you can have a fun, exciting, stress-free night out with the girls.

If you’d love to celebrate your vows with a pool party or a tour of the hottest nightclubs in town, BSV can make that happen. With the Las Vegas Guest List you get access to sold out shows, open bars, free drink nights, and complimentary bottle service at some of the best venues in Vegas. A bachelorette party in Las Vegas is what it’s all about. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have some fun on the Strip, but this may be your last chance to have the most EPIC night ever in Vegas. If you want to sit back and let someone else do the planning, take a look at our Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages below.

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Packages

Vegas bachelorette party packages Vegas bachelorette party packages  bachelorette party packages


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Las Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas & Recommendations:

Las Vegas Male Revue

The ONLY way to correctly have a bachelorette party Las Vegas style is to attend a male revue show? Is it a beach without sand? Is it a gin & tonic if it’s just a glass of gin? Male Revue Las Vegas reservations are the only way to have the complete Vegas experience while in town. You get your choice of live entertainment like Thunder Down under, the Men of Sapphire & Men of Olympus just fifty feet from your party.

Las Vegas Bachelotette Party Packages

The Cheers to You is one of out top Las Vegas Nightlife Packages for a bachelorette party in Vegas. This package will get you and three or more friends into one of the best restaurants on the strip and scores you an open bar at a top nightclub and all this with a free VIP limo ride to get you there and back safely. The perfect package for girls who just want to cut loose and be free.


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