Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas Bottle Service

 crazy horse 3 las vegas bottle service

Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas is the third and newest creation from the after hours franchise in Las Vegas. They still carry with them all the fun and excitement that has made the name Crazy Horse synonymous with Las Vegas. Crazy Horse 3 strip club, has a name that maintains Global acknowledgment for beautiful, stunning performers in Las Vegas entertainment. Crazy Horse 3 gentlemens club is located in the amazing PLAYGROUND of Las Vegas. Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas bottle service has 15,000 sq ft featuring 2 raised VIP “gladiator style” seating areas each holding table and couch seating of over 50 peopl. These 2 VIP raised seating areas look down on and over the large square stage in the center of the room with a 20 ft pole that has 1-3 entertainers doing some of the most amazing and insane “ moves” this side of Cirque! The main room also features a 50 ft full bar with plasma screens behind it to watch the game or the latest video sync’s with our state of the art sound system.


Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas Packages

Crazy Horse 3 Gentlemens Club

In addition to all this Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas bottle service also has private cabanas which is perfect if you want a touch of privacy. Most clubs would only let you take reserved seats for a ridiculously large party or require the purchase of an overpriced bottle, Crazy Horse 3 Las Vegas bottle service only requires a one-bottle-minimum to take a seat in prime locations. That means that even for a casual night out with some friends – or for just a solo visit – customers can easily experience their brand of luxury. And with the selection at the spacious fifty-foot bar, a one-drink-minimum is more a treat than a requirement.



Crazy Horse III Strip Club

3525 W Russell Rd Las Vegas, NV 89118

  • Hours: 24 hours a day | 7 days a week
  • Bottle Service: Contact for amazing deals!
  • Cover: $40 on guest list (includes 2 Drinks)
  • Transportation: Free Limo pick-up
  • Attire: Casual attire is acceptable


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