Your Top 5 Venues for the best bottle service in Vegas

June 30, 2017 Rene Miranda Your Top 5 Venues for the best bottle service in Vegas

You’re headed to Vegas, and you know bottle service is “on the table” for your trip — so to speak. So what are the top 5 venues for the best bottle service in Vegas for stellar service?

First off, Bottle Service Vegas always has your back when it comes to finding the absolute best quality bottle service in town.

But if you want a short answer quick, we get it. Here are the top five clubs in Vegas we recommend for amazing bottle service:

1. XS Nightclub at the Encore Hotel

At XS, it’s EDM all night with some of the greatest DJs in the world. Tons of tables are close to the DJ too.

XS Bottles Service start at $600, and you don’t have to worry about auto-gratuity on tables either.

Spend 5k and up here and you can have a server lifted onto a model car as they hand deliver your bottles. Spend 10k and the whole club will stop while a group of angels walk you to your table set with bottle sparklers — plus your name on screen.

2. OMNIA Las Vegas at Caesars Palace

Omnia Vegas

OMNIA has 3 amazing rooms and features a terrace overlooking the strip with bottles starting at $550. This club is also all about the EDM with DJs Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Zedd.

Spend 5k here and you’ll have a drum line actually walk you to your table through the crowd. A red carpet will be laid out when you spend 10k and you’ll get your name up on the screens with lights. Somewhere in the middle at 4 to 6k, you’ll be able to get up on stage and meet Lil Jon.


3. Marquee Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan

Marquee Las Vegas Halloween

Bottles at Marquee Las Vegas start as low as $500. In addition to EDM, pop, and hip hop are also played. Here, you’ll hear talent The Weeknd and DJ Khlaid.

Enjoy 3 distinct styles of music in 4 separate areas. There’s the main room with the main action, an outdoor pool area, the “Boom Box” in the basement, and the “Library” in the attic — which is more of a lounge and has a pool table.


4. Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay

light las vegas bottle service cost

Along with Marquee bottles at Light start the lowest of the five at $500. Light plays mostly hip hop with DJs Rick Ross, J. Cole and Tyga leading things on stage.

Performers are behind the screens, which are scattered throughout the club, and play some of the best deep house in the city.

Spending over 5k at this club will get you a sexy girl dressed as an angel dropped from roof directly over your table to hand deliver your bottles. Special presentations are made when you order service on your birthday as well.


5. Hyde Las Vegas at the Bellagio

hyde bellagio bottle service prices

hyde bellagio bottle service

Lastly, Hyde also has some of the best bottle service in Vegas and starts bottles at $550. Numerous Hollywood celebrities will be seen at Hyde in the crowd and on stage every night. The club plays primarily hip hop and other popular tunes.

Hyde features a gorgeous view of the Bellagio fountains and always has an intimate, classy feel with a hip crowd.


Let us help you plan for the Best bottle service in Vegas?

At each of these locales, bottle service includes entry, mixers table, server, and security. But that’s standard fare at any club.

These 5 clubs have the absolute best bottle service in Vegas — best music, best artists, best vibes. And as you can see from their bells and whistles, they’ll give you the total package and optimal bang for your buck.

And as always, for more Vegas bottle service club ideas or to learn more about these clubs in particular, head to Bottle Service Las Vegas for all your info.

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