About Us

Are you guys independent hosts?

No! We are an unbiased informational source for booking bottle service and VIP packages in Las Vegas. When you put in a request, our team will find you a host that is best suited for your needs.

We have strict requirements to filter out and keep only the most reliable hosts in Las Vegas.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the requirements:

  • Response Time: 2 hours or less
  • Response Rate: 100%
  • Google and Yelp: 4.5+ star rating and 20+ trusted reviews
  • Accredited Business with BBB
  • In business for 6+ years with 10,000+ clients
  • Trustworthy owner and staff in the Las Vegas industry
  • Registered as Independent Host with Nevada Gaming Control Board

Can’t I just find a host myself?

Absolutely. You can easily find yourself a host by searching on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

The problem with finding a host is separating the “good hosts” from the “bad hosts”. It’s not uncommon in Vegas to hear about a shady host or even scams.

A bad host will absolutely ruin your night! Here’s the most common bad experiences:

Host Asks For More Money Before Service

You arrive at the night club’s entrance and a host demands a tip or else, he won’t let you in! Arguing will lead no where, most guests will end up just paying the tip.

Host Stops Answering You

After confirming your reservation, your host decides to stop answering out of no where. You decide to head to the nightclub anyway. Guess what? They said your table was never reserved.

Host is Not Officially Registered

Every night club and pool party host (direct and independent) must be registered and approved with the Nevada Gaming Control Board. These regulations exist to ensure the proper safety of all the guests.

You wouldn’t trust a unregistered real estate agent or an unlicensed lawyer, right? Then, you shouldn’t blindly trust any host either.

The hosts we work with have a reputation to maintain and they intend to keep it. They will work tirelessly to help you book bottle service and any other activities you’re looking for.

Why we believe it’s better to book with independent hosts?

You’re about to spend a few thousand dollars on bottle service. You deserve a premium service with a reputable company.

We strongly believe you should always book with an independent host unless you already have a great relationship with a direct host. Overall, we’ve received more positive comments and reviews from groups who booked with independent hosts.

We believe it so strongly that we now work exclusively with independent host that pass our strict criteria.

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