Drai’s Beach Club Cabana Prices

Pricing for tables, cabanas, and bottle service

Most affordable table available: $600

There aren’t many tables below $1000 at Drai’s Beach Club. They are usually located in the mezzanine (upper floor) area. If you’re able to increase your budget to $1000, you should have no problem getting a table on most events.

Average price of tables: $1500-2000

Tables at this price point are most recommended. You can expect a nicely located daybed or booth with a view of the pools and dance floor.

Average price of cabanas: $3000

Upgrade your table to a cabana to put you and your group on another level of luxury and privacy. You get to stay under the shade in a private booth during the intense Vegas summer days.

Cabanas are equipped with TVs, fans, daybed, and couches. You’ll also get access to a private shower, bathroom, and pool access. Cabanas are located on the mezzanine (upper floor).

Average price of bungalows: $5000

Bungalows are upgraded cabanas located on the main floor of Drai’s Beach Club. The amenities offered are similar to the cabanas but you get to be closer to the action with a great view of the DJ booth.

The prices at Drai’s Beach Club will fluctuate based on availability, event, special guest, and holidays. Request a free quote today for accurate and up-to-date pricing.

Insider Tips for Booking Bottle Service

  • Bottle service at Drai’s Beach Club will be more expensive on Saturday. Friday and Sunday events will have more affordable options.
  • If you can afford it, cabanas are the best overall table reservation available. You get access to a private pool area instead of jumping into the shared pool with dozens of other partygoers.
  • Holiday weekends will be BUSY. Most videos and pictures you see of Las Vegas pool parties come from the footage taken during holiday weekends like Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. It’s the time of year every venue knows each day of the weekend will be slammed. With this knowledge, they break the bank to book the biggest names in the world of music/entertainment to host and perform at their venues.

About Drai’s Beach Club

Named after Victor Drai, Drai’s Beach Club provides breathtaking partying on The Cromwell’s rooftop. Designed by famous nightlife and hospitality visionary Victor Drai, the blended space includes 65,000-square-feet as well as an unrivaled view 11 stories high. For a daytime adventure, the Strip’s only rooftop pool deck consists of numerous pool areas and grand palm trees to enjoy, as you are partying non-stop at the Beach Club. At night, the beachy hangout evolves into a pulsating nighttime destination; in which guests can certainly party throughout the complete indoor & outdoor space.

The hottest DJ talents provide music and entertainment for alluring party guests who could reserve one out of the 150 VIP tables sprinkled indoors and outdoors. Come lay out, purchase refreshments and food and unwind. Drais Beach Club cabana prices vary depending on the day of the week, but come experience the extraordinary pool deck all day Monday – Thursday for a unique experience as compared to the weekend Beach Club madness. Drais Beach Club is a very diverse venue musically with Top 40/Hip-Hop acts as well as EDM DJ’s.

Open only during the summer months from March-October the hours of operation are Tuesday’s Yacht Club from 10pm-4am (nighttime pool party), Monday-Thursday Pool Deck hours from 11am-6pm, and Friday-Sunday Beach Club hours from 11am-6pm.

Drais Beach Club cabana prices

The Las Vegas pool season breaths new life into the Las Vegas scene as it overshadows most, if not all, of the nightclubs. With ONLY 9 actual pool parties compared to over 20 nightclubs, dayclubs don’t budge often on prices and deals are extremely rare. Drais Beach Club cabana prices and talent. With drinks at the bar costing $15-$20 each, and taking in to account the $25-$30 ticket cost, it essentially is not that much more to just go with bottle service, assuming you have a big enough group to split the bill with.

Saturday at Drais Beach Club is the busiest and most popular day to experience a pool party in Vegas, so anticipate the most expensive minimums. On Tuesday (Yacht Club @ Night), Friday and Sunday the minimums are usually lower with the lowest being Monday-Thursdays when the pool deck is open for some rest & relaxation (no talent).

The Drais Beach Club cabana prices and rules will normally be different depending on the day and how busy the venue is. Cabanas are best for large groups of 10-20 guests. Lily pads are in the pool and closest to the pool action. One disadvantage to the lily pads though is that you can’t order food on them since they are in the water and you may constantly be splashed and getting wet.

Drais Beach Club cabanas pricing After tax and gratuity

Deciding to move forward with booking package always depends on the cost after tax and gratuity are added. When booking Drais Beach Club cabana prices will always have a required auto gratuity of 20% for your waitress who serves your table, 8.1% sales tax, and 5% service fee for a total of 33.1%. If major talent is doing a live performance (i.e. The Weeknd), then a 10% Live Entertainment Tax will be added for a grand total of 43.1%.

  • Example: Drais Beach Club cabana prices for 12 guys
    • Rules: $600 required spend for every 4 people
      • Cabanas start at $3000 food and beverage minimum
    • Tax & Gratuity: 43.1%
    • Grand total: $4293

The VIP service specialists we have are extremely knowledgeable about pricing, events, and deals offered during the pool season.

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