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Intrigue at the Wynn is now closed. We recommend the following nightclubs as an alternative:

Hakkasan Bottle Service

Marquee Bottle Service

Intrigue Nightclub was located inside the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

The club has received critical acclaim over the years and according to The Los Angeles Times, “Tryst is the best-kept non-secret in local night life.” The 12,000 square foot venue features a main room with an open-air dance floor extending into a 90-foot waterfall, cascading into a secluded lagoon, 3 full main bars, 2 service bars, 1 optional lounge bar and seating for 250 inside and 150 outside lining the perimeter of the club. Catch glimpses of the flashy dancers around the dance floor, as the premium sound and lighting equipment that is positioned throughout Tryst electrifies the room.

But you can’t just build a waterfall and call it a day and so Intrigue extends that incredulous concept into every aspect of the venue. If you’re the designated driver or happen to find yourself saddled with an uninteresting date, play a game of “Spot the Luxury.” You’ll find stuff like red velvet-covered walls, mirrors that are the opposite of tacky and furniture that came from IKEA if IKEA were only in the price range of the super-wealthy.

Should you spring for bottle service (it’s definitely worth it) you could find yourself sitting next to the giant waterfall, mist occasionally ghosting across your face and with the right cocktail, you might just happen upon one of those moments where everything seems right with the world. If that seems a little hokey, well, maybe it is, but there haven’t been many corners cut in the design and execution of Tryst — it’s a gorgeous club and you’re supposed to be on vacation. Let yourself live a little. Go ahead and have your Tryst!

Intrigue Nightclub to replace Tryst at Wynn in 2016

This past weekend was the very last time for you to party at Tryst, the influential nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas, however the venue together with their owners have already been looking to the foreseeable future. The name and also logo of Tryst’s replacement were announced November 5-Intrigue Nightclub is scheduled to open on April 28, the day of the resort’s 11th anniversary.

Apart from the curiosity-inducing name and unveiling date, just a couple of additional details have been made public: John Lyons Systems is going to design light as well as sound; a completely new patio space is going to be enclosed in glass; along with a 1,200-square-foot secluded club-within-the-club could very well be the centerpiece of the 14,000-square-foot venue.

Intrigue Las Vegas bottle service is A nightlife experience unlike any other as there isn’t a bad table in the venue. Modeled to be exclusive you can be seated on the dance floor or back wall and feel as if you’re the main attraction. Offering a new concept in terms of nightlife, Intrigue nightclub features state-of-the-art lighting and sound which was designed by award-winning John Lyons Systems. An impressively massive venue, Intrigue Las Vegas comprises 14,000 square feet which can accommodate up to 1,200 patrons.

Moreover, guests get to enjoy a wide variety of contemporary party music that crosses a multitude of genres and song types. A luxurious club experience, Intrigue Nightclub offers a number of exclusive services to their most valued patrons. For instance, receiving Intrigue Las Vegas bottle service is an event in and of itself. A high energy dance environment that embraces the diversity of club goers from all walks of life, patrons can dance the night away on the newly built glass enclosed patio which allows for a spectacular year-round view of the club’s dramatic waterfall as well as their magnificent pyrotechnics show. In addition to that, the club also offers a 1,200-square-foot, social media-free private club within the club, especially for VIP’s and those who prefer a more exclusive experience.

With the goal of arousing curiosity in potential patrons, Intrigue Nightclub is attempting to break the EDM mold at most clubs and invite you to help us forge a new club going experience for lovers of all kinds of music. Relying on the element of surprise as opposed to pre-planned appearances, those who frequent Intrigue Las Vegas will often leave excited, enthralled, and ready for more. Although celebrities and entertainers will definitely be in the mix, they will not be the main attraction; with Intrigue Las Vegas bottle service, the customer is the true star! Stop by and pop a bottle, have a meal, or dance until you can no longer stand. At Intrigue, their only goal is to continue to provide you with an amazing night of partying in a gorgeous venue with thousands of your closest and most highly esteemed VIP’s.

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