Las Vegas Bottle Service Prices during busy & slow season

October 28, 2015 Rene Miranda Las Vegas Bottle Service Prices during busy & slow season

During the busy season April-October Las Vegas nightclubs are always in high demand and often operate under a simple set of rules for Las Vegas bottle service prices. They require the purchase of 1 bottle for every 3-4 people and bottles can range anywhere from $500-$600 depending on the venue. Top tier venues like Hakkasan nightclub will require 1 bottle for every 3 people and venues like Light nightclub will be 1 bottle every 4 people.

During the slow season November-March the venues are forced to adjust these rules in order to stay competitive and ensure they are successful. Top tier venues like Marquee Las Vegas will adjust their Las Vegas bottle service prices requiring only 1 bottle  for every 4 people and Tao nightclub will be 1 bottle every 5 people.

Its also important to note that even with this rule in place if you require specific locations like dance floor venues have required spends associated with those tables. As an example your party might only have 7 people but a dance floor table for Calvin Harris on a Saturday is set to sell for no less than $7k.

Las Vegas Bottle Service Prices and deals

In the slow season most venues will adjust their pricing and prepared to approve a certain amount of bottle service deals on nights they don’t have major talent booked. Popular venues like XS Las Vegas will offer a buy 1 get 1 deal for 2 grey goose for only $595 and Chateau nightclub will offer 1 magnum bottle of vodka and 1 champagne for $550. Its important to note that you will need a very well connected host to get these deals approved as venues will not just hand out deals left and right.

Bottle Service Las Vegas Cost after tax and gratuity

When making that final decision to purchase bottle service at a nightclub in Las Vegas its important to note not all venues charge equally. Every venue in Las Vegas has an auto gratuity of 20% for your cocktail server who waits your table and 8.1% sales tax that can’t be avoided. However, most people will be shocked to know that several venues have additional taxes and fees included in their Las Vegas bottle service prices and could greatly impact your choice in venues.¬† Most venues that have go-go dancers or other live performances have to charge an additional 10% for Live Entertainment tax (LET) or the venue simply has an additional 5% service fee for booking a table at their venue. Simply put without proper planning or great communication with your host you could be paying 28.1%, 38.1% or at worst 43.1% on tax and gratuity.

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