Your Las Vegas Nightlife Survival Guide

February 4, 2015 Rene Miranda Your Las Vegas Nightlife Survival Guide

Whether it’s your first time experiencing the Las Vegas Nightlife or your hundredth, there are some essential rules for ensuring the best night possible. These range from small things like not wearing too much perfume to bigger things like showing respect to everyone inside of the club. Follow this Las Vegas nightlife survival guide to make your night in Vegas perfect!

Before Heading Out to the nightlife Las Vegas scene

Dress Code

To properly enjoy the best nightlife in Las Vegas, at venues like Omnia Las Vegas or the multi-leveled Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan, you need a little preparation before heading out. Make sure to follow the dress code for each of the nightlife venues so that you’re let into the venue instead of being rejected. Generally, you’re going to want to dress to impress, and this means a clean-shaven look, dress shoes and collared shirt for the guys. For ladies, a nice dress, jewelry, and delicate perfume can go a long way in enhancing the night. Of course, avoid using too much perfume as that can cause nausea and annoyance on the dance floor. Unless you’re a celebrity or a well-known socialite on the Las Vegas nightlife scene you never want to wear tennis shoes, sports attire of any kind, sweat pants or shorts.


Las Vegas Bottle Service


There is nothing like having your own real estate and a Las Vegas nightlife guide when dealing with these overly packed venues. If you’re attending a nightclub with a large group, then the purchase of bottle service tends to be a great option as it’s a lot more cost effective. If you have 8 guys attending a venue like XS Las Vegas Bottle Service the cover for each of you could range from $40-$100 depending on talent booked and after waiting in line for 30 minutes or more you have to fight your way to the bar to buy drinks for yourself and possibly some lucky ladies for around $15-$20 each. Multiply that by 4 because no one only buys 1 drink when partying in a club and now without noticing it you already spent $1,280. You would have been better off with a nightlife Las Vegas plan of buying 2 bottles with a section near the dance floor.


Prepaid Entry


A lot of Las Vegas nightlife venues give deals to those that purchase prepaid tickets ahead of time. In addition, lines at venues are split between people who have tickets and those that are waiting to pay for general admission. Prepaid tickets are GUARENTEED entry no matter what so it’s smooth sailing so have your bar code printed and waiting in your back pocket to flash the doorman. Check online with our nightlife Las Vegas friends at Want Tickets to see if you can purchase tickets beforehand. Prices start off low, and many clubs will likely sell-out so be sure to get tickets early if possible.



Nightlife in Las Vegas has evolved over the years and nightclubs are now known to charge hefty sums of cash for mixed drinks and shots. If you’re not going to purchase bottle service, then hitting your local bar beforehand will keep a few dollars in your pocket. If you feel the bars at your casino have drinks that are priced too high, then you can always take a taxi to the nearest discount liquor store.


Arrive Early


If you decided to purchase bottle service in Las Vegas, sections are never guaranteed unless you agreed to a specific tip with your host in advance. In our nightlife Las Vegas scene seating is on a 1st come 1st serve basis, as they always need to ensure the room looks as appealing as possible. If you’re on the guest list don’t show up to the venue right before the main act is set to perform, chances are you will be standing in line annoying the door man while everyone else is having fun. If you arrive early, and even better with a group, you are more likely to secure a spot. Nightclub’s like to queue the line long to generate a buzz, helping to drive the cover up therefore allowing them to make more money.

Your Las Vegas nightlife arrival

The Doormen.

Las Vegas nightlife Door Hosts or sometimes known as ‘Security’. They are usually quite big fellas, who probably have a second job as an MMA fighter or personal security. They will normally ignore you unless you have a table, prepaid tickets or are on the guest list. Without any of these things you better walk up with a stack of hundreds in hand otherwise its like talking to a brick wall. Make sure that you are complying with the dress codes for nightlife in Las Vegas, or else the doormen will take great pleasure in turning you away. Its almost as if it gives them some sense of job satisfaction if they can find a way to destroy what was supposed to be an enjoyable night out with your friends..


Types of people you might meet


Usually Las Vegas nightlife venues are full of guys just looking for a girl’s attention. Either that, or they just want a night of passion with that tall Victoria Secrets model that has just walked through the door. These guys usually stand in groups of four or more with a table of expensive liquor to attract the ladies. They will consume several liters of alcohol before they have the courage to start talking to a girl, and they usually end up making a mess of it as they normally lack the game to properly approach a woman.


The girls looking for romance are almost never in the club and usually the girls in the club will go hunting for any prospective ballers or sugar daddies. They love the Las Vegas nightlife scene and come dressed to impress. They might drink all your bottles or snatch the shot right out of your hand and take it testing to see if buying more is an issue. Their usual style of opening communications with a guy they like is “Want to buy a lady a drink” or “They will make excessive eye contact”. It will take only a further five minutes before the man has fallen prey to their feminine charms.


DO’s and Donts inside the club


Las Vegas nightlife is high-energy and intense, and nothing dulls the night more than a group just standing around on the dance floor. It’s not a museum so don’t be afraid of letting loose and expelling some energy. Dance all night and you’ll have a better time while also making the experience better for your whole group.


While pictures are great, don’t stand around taking selfies all night long. Maybe get a few pictures of the group together, or a few of your friends as they’re going crazy, but avoid taking selfies at every opportunity. There’s nothing worse than seeing that person taking selfies while they dance, order a drink, or use the restroom. Las Vegas Nightclubs are for having fun and being with friends, but they aren’t the place to be taking millions of selfies.


Nightlife in Las Vegas all has its own unique rules, but there are universal ways of respecting the staff and fellow dancers. For example, let the DJ do what he does best. Your requests don’t matter to him, and he already has a plan for the night.


When ordering drinks or bottle service, make sure to tip the bartender or waitress. They will appreciate it, and it will likely lead to better and speedier service for the next round. Finally, make sure to respect the ladies in the club. Far too many guys creep on them throughout the night, so be a gentleman and don’t make them uncomfortable. For the ladies, make sure to be assertive and let the staff know if a guy oversteps your boundaries.


Last but not least: have fun! Don’t worry about the night and let yourself go. You’re living the dream and there’s no use in getting drowned in worries or inhibitions (within reason.) By following these tips, you and your group are guaranteed to have an awesome time in Vegas!

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