Marquee Dayclub Cabana Prices & Bottle Service Cost

Pricing for tables, cabanas, and bottle service

Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan is the premier location for a day life experience. Perfect for a bachelorette party or regular weekend soaking up some sun, the stylish and sophisticated venue offers a full range of beverage options for booking a Marquee Dayclub Cabana.

Pricing at Marquee Dayclub changes very often, to get the most up-to-date pricing, request a quote today.

Most affordable table available: $500

The most budget-friendly tables at Marquee Dayclub are usually priced at $500. On Friday and Sunday events, you can usually get a daybed located in the pool area.

On Saturday events at Marquee Dayclub, you will most likely not be able to find any tables at $500 in the pool area. You might, however, try to get a table in the main room which is the nightclub area. Daybeds will usually start at $1500.

From Sunday to Thursday, you may be able to find some tables at $250 especially if there’s no special event going on.

Average price of tables: $1500

If you have a budget of around $1500, you should have no problem finding a table at Marquee Dayclub unless it is a holiday or special event weekend.

Average price of bungalow cabanas: $2000-4000

There aren’t many cabanas at Marquee Dayclub so the pricing is higher than some other pool parties in Las Vegas. If you are a group of around 10 people, cabanas are your best bet.

On Friday and Sunday, you should expect the cabanas to be closer to $2000.

On Saturday, the cabanas will to closer to $4000 and most commonly, starting at $5000.

Average price of grand cabanas: $7000+

The grand cabanas are the biggest and most luxurious tables at Marquee Dayclub. Most of these cabanas come with their own private pool allowing you and your guests to enjoy a private experience while being in the center of the party.

These grand cabanas are best for large groups of 10-15 people.

The prices at Marquee Dayclub will fluctuate based on availability, event, special guest, and holidays. Request a free quote today for accurate and up-to-date pricing.

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Marquee Dayclub cabana prices includes eight cushy cabanas with private infinity pools, so you and your friends can have your own personal pool party. If you really want to kick things up a notch, upgrade to one of 10 three-story bungalow lofts with living quarters, a cabana and open-air party deck with private pool on the roof that overlooks the Marquee pool party. This luxurious outdoor facility is perfect for rest and relaxation or a pool party, and it features a daytime menu from executive chef Ralf Scamardella. The best DJs in the world will mix and spin you an unforgettable time at Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas. No other pool party can offer such a completely unique and exciting experience, so make your reservations today!

Book a Marquee Dayclub cabana if you want to get out of the sun for a moment (hey, it’s hot out!), a shaded gaming area with refreshing misters and fans helps you keep your cool while you try your luck at the tables. You can also step in to the indoor bar and lounge area to grab a drink and observe the interesting interior decor features The Cosmopolitan. If you have survived the daytime experience and thirst for more look no further than Marquee Bottle Service the day clubs sister nightlife venue. If your staying for a 3 day weekend we can connect the dots from the Marquee Las Vegas pool party to their sister promoters for free.

The Marquee Dayclub pool party is currently open to the public weekly on Friday-Sunday from 11:00am-5pm. Often booking commercial acts Saturday-Sunday nights like DJ Vice & Drake so this pool party is always packed. The Marquee pool party is also known as one of the top destination for EDM music in sin city. A Marquee Dayclub cabana is a great option for any weekend or Holiday plans. Our staff always ensures you have the best locations and pricing possible.

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