Goddess Program




  • Free VIP Limo Ride
  • Fixed Menu at Popular Restaurant
  • Open Bar at Top Nightclub


*4 Person Minimum*


Interested in being a Goddess?


As a Goddess you become entitled to many elite opportunities and privileges:

  • Attend the sultriest and most exclusive events.
  • Receive special invitations to private events and even top-secret parties at many of the hottest scenes available.
  • VIP entry to all the top pool parties and nightclubs the city has to offer (with the exclusion of buyouts and/or special ticketed nights).
  • Limited ticketed deals for sold out shows.
  • Open bar offers and deals.
  • Most nights Goddess’ drink free.
  • We also have limited availability on complimentary dinners with fixed menus at select restaurants (when available).
  • Complimentary bottle service at the best venues on the strip (when available).


Goddess’ have nightly access inside all the hottest venues upon request. They receive special invites to private events and even hush-hush parties in the best suites Las Vegas has to offer. In addition, exclusive ticket offers are given for sold out shows and even open bar invites. It’s a great opportunity to attend the hottest and most exclusive parties and often drink free. ALL approval for the Goddess Program is handled directly by the nightlife operators and if your request has been approved we will notify you via email. We would like to extend the chance for you to become a Goddess. BECOME A GODDESS TODAY!!!! Sign-up for the Las Vegas Goddess Program.

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