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Nothing says nightlife like an upscale, five-level, 80,000 square foot nightclub in the center of a casino. Hakkasan nightclub Las Vegas is located inside the MGM Grand as its premiere nightclub with a beautiful modern look. Hakkasan Vegas is home to top tier DJs like Tiesto and Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki The atmosphere and music are reason enough to make this club a must see when traveling to sin city but Hakkasan Las Vegas Bottle Service is why the guests keep coming back.

If you and your friends want to experience sin city and all it has to offer then Hakkasan Las Vegas bottle service is the option for you. Aside from their amazing roster, this amazing club offers bottle service to guests in search of the ultimate experience. Guests can enjoy a VIP host as they sit at an exclusive table to enjoy top shelf drinks and mixers. Throughout the night, the VIP host is at your disposal to handle all of your needs and happily answer any questions. This five floor club has tables all throughout that are available for purchase. The most prime locations, though, are the dance floor and the main floor which can be alittle costly given they type of talent they book. When you purchase Hakkasan bottle service, you are placed in the thick of the action and can enjoy the best DJs in the city of Las Vegas.

While top best music, top shelf liquor, and celebrity like treatment is enough to make any guest want to try out Hakkasan bottle service. When you plan your trip our staff gives you 24 hour support and complete cost breakdown so that you know your making the right choice. When you choose to purchase Hakkasan bottle service, you also get to enjoy discounts on hotels as well as a host of other free offers.

But, is bottle service worth it? It is a reasonable question to wonder if Hakkasan Las Vegas bottle service is worth the extra dollars. If you are choosing to make the trip to our city to enjoy a trip of a lifetime and want to experience this beautiful city for all it has to offer, Hakkasan bottle service is convenient, luxurious, and turns your average night experience into the time of your life.

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Hakkasan nightclub Las Vegas is currently ONLY open to the public weekly on both Thursday-Sunday from 10:30pm-4am. Hakkasan Vegas is known for playing the best in ED/Top 40/Hip Hop and they have continued that trend in our city. Hakkasan bottle service is a great option for any weekend or Holiday plans. Often booking commercial acts for Saturday nights like Tiesto bottle deals like buy 1 get 1’s are rarely approved or moved to Friday nights. Bottles normally start at $550 each with a normal rule of thumb of 1 bottle requirement for every 3ppl with girls mostly being overlooked.

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Last night at Hakkasan Vegas was 1 for the record books I was in love from the moment i walked into the club. Amazing them for a modern venue and i loved the fact they had 3 rooms with 3 different types of music. Hakkasan nightclub Las Vegas is of the best nightclubs i have even been to and i will recommend it to any of my friends

Ronald Keen

Simple process for my and my friends on our 1st trip to sin city as we google searched Hakkasan Las Vegas bottle service and spoke with Rene from BSV. We wanted to see Tiesto but didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg to do it as i have heard the prices on Hakkasan bottle service can get pretty pricey. The main room was going for $5,000 and that was out of the question but Rene was able to work out a deal for $3,500 plus a hand shake to get the upper mezzanine.

Zariah Adele

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