Top 5 Reasons You Should Party at Ghostbar Dayclub

Ghostbar Dayclub GBDC is now CLOSED. We recommend the following pool party as an alternative:

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In Las Vegas, anything goes. Which consists of drinking and having fun in the daytime. For those of you who can’t wait until the sun sets to turn up, look no further than Ghostbar Dayclub at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Ghostbar Dayclub, affectionately referred to as GBDC, is regarded as the only parties of its kind in Vegas, in which partygoers are urged to don colorful costumes, chug beers out of plastic flamingos while the city’s leading DJs spin dance music.

Why exactly does Las Vegas love partying at Ghostbar Dayclub? Allow us to count the ways…

Party with Social Media Sensations

– You follow these individuals on Instagram, and at GBDC you could meet your favorite social media celebrities in person in Vegas! Following the kick off of GBDC on Saturday, Oct. 17, dubious club king Kirill Was Here also referred to, as The Slut Whisperer will take over on Oct. 24. In the weeks to come, encounter the outrageous styles of Baddie Winkle, the coolest 87-year-old on Instagram (Nov. 7), in addition to the very funny Fuck Jerry on Nov .21.

Daytime Debauchery

Visualize if a frat party happened in the afternoon in a lounge with a veranda overlooking The Las Vegas Strip. At this point, fill that party with captivating go-go dancers, hysterical costumes as well as high-energy dance music. It’s that type of daytime pandemonium that’s crucial for the roaring good times to be experienced on the 55th floor skydeck of Ghostbar Dayclub. GBDC’s doors open up at 1pm and the party rages on until 6pm. However, as for those who can’t get enough of the party, there will be GBDC “After Dark,” in which the club will remain open during the evening on these particular select occasions: Oct. 31, Nov. 21, Dec. 19, January 9, and even February 6.

No Dresscode

– At GBDC, it’s all party, absolutely no pretense. Exchange your fashionable purses for ironic fanny packs, along with your little black dresses for neon body suits. Prefer to dress in blue jeans and a t-shirt? Fantastic. A preposterous outfit? Better yet. Which leads us to…

Ridiculously Themed Parties

– There’s going out, and then there’s going all out. At Ghostbar Dayclub, the weekly parties are an opportunity for energetic partygoers to exhibit their wildest ensembles (hello, neon colors, wigs and even tutus!). Many of this season’s parties consist of: Day of the Killer Costumes (Oct. 31), DJ AcE’s Pirate Birthday Bash (Nov. 7), Pajama Jam (Dec. 5), GBDC Rodeo (Dec. 12) and the Holiday Giveaway Extravaganza on Dec. 19.

Beer Bong Wishes and Cheeseburger Dreams

An afternoon of day-drinking and partying will leave a person with a mean case of the munchies, and GBDC rewards their guests to surprise cheeseburger attacks in which our exquisite go-go dancers give out totally free cheeseburgers to the crowd. As you are chowing down on burgers, guests may delight in unique cocktails like the “Unicorn Punch” which is available in souvenir unicorn cups as well as “yard long” versions. Those wanting to take the party from zero to 60 without delay can certainly purchase the emoji bombs, a shot of Absolut or perhaps Jagermeister and Monster Energy drink offered in an adorable souvenir emoji shaped sipper. You’ll never ever look at flamingos the same after drinking out of a Flabongo, a hot pink, flamingo-shaped beer bong, which is a staple at Ghostbar Dayclub. The menu of dranks continues with a $50 121-ounce yard-long beer hose, bottomless mimosas, brown-bag 40 oz. Beers as well as iconic piñatas.

Doors at Ghostbar Dayclub open Saturdays at 1pm. Guests in costumes and local ladies receive complimentary access and local men are $10. Out-of-state ladies are $10 and out-of-state men are $20.

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